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Do students lose their music practice log if they stop lessons?

MusicTeacherNotes is different from other music studio management software because students don't lose anything when they change instructors. Students have their own MusicTeacherNotes account, and they can connect to different private music teachers as they need to. Ideally, students will take lessons from one music teacher, forever. However, the reality is that students switch instructors or stop taking music lessons for a myriad of understandings. They may move, they may change instruments, or they may no longer be interested in music. Whatever the reason, students can disconnect from a music teacher and still keep all of the data in their MusicTeacherNotes account. Only the connection between the teacher account and the student account is removed. They essentially cease using the music teacher schedule app, but their practice history, Private Library, rewards, and other information remains a part of their account. Students can reconnect with their old music teacher or any other teacher simply by using the appropriate studio code.

Students and music teacher connecting

Similarly, music teachers can disconnect students they no longer teach. If a teacher changes jobs, they can disconnect that studio and choose how to allocate the students. If the students belonged to the studio, that studio could assign the students to other teachers.

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