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Music Teacher Software for Private Music Teachers

Benefits & Features

Every feature on MusicTeacherNotes is carefully thought out and designed to make life easier for teachers who provide private music lessons. Click the Benefits and Features options below to explore how MusicTeacherNotes can enhance your music teaching business.


Click each features below to learn a lot more about how the features help you manage you music lesson business.


You can manage students' music lesson schedules with ease. All of the music lessons you teach show in one place, even if you teach for more than one music studio.

When you open a day on the Lesson Calendar, you can see all of the students you have lessons scheduled for on that day. From there, you can open their lessons, give them assignments, share notes, share resources, and more.

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When you open a music lesson, you can share notes and resources, add assignments for the next lesson, and review skills from a previous lesson.

MusicTeacherNotes works for both online and in-person music lessons. If you provide online music lessons, you can share ZOOM or Skype invitations via lesson notes, eliminating the hassle of emailing students.

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Store Resources and Share With Your Students

Sharing resources such as videos, documents, images, or web links with your students is easy to do. You can save any resource you want to your Private Library. When you teach a lesson, you can quickly grab that resource and share it with your student.

For example, imagine you teach music from a specific set of music books. You could video yourself demonstrating the songs you teach from that book. Then, you can upload those videos to your Private Library and share them with students when you teach them those lessons.

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Payment Tracking, Bookkeeping, and Automatic Invoicing

Eliminate the frustration of getting paid on time. MusicTeacherNotes lets you automatically invoice students and get paid online.

MusicTeacherNotes' allows you to charge students by the month, by the quarter, or by the lesson. You can then turn the charges into invoices and collect and track the payments. Best of all, MusicTeacherNotes does not charge Premium Members extra for this. We do not take a percentage of the payments. It's all included in the Premium Membership!

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Directory Listing

The Music Teacher Directory is completely free. The directory is an excellent way for students to discover you online. By adding your listing to the directory, you increase the chance of showing up in a Google Search. Thus, you increase the chances of new students finding you, making the Music Teacher Directory a completely free way to advertise music lessons.

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Video Tools

Video is a fantastic way to help students learn musical instruments faster. MusicTeacherNotes has incredible video tools to enhance learning. For example, you or your students can record a video where you demonstrate how to play a song. Either of you can upload the song to your Private Library. The student may only be ready to focus on a specific part of the song. MusicTeacherNotes has a tool that allows members to clip videos to focus on the particular parts of the song they wish to focus on. This is just one example of the video tools MusicTeacherNotes offers to help students learn music faster.

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Message Your Students With Ease

Stop paying for third-party services such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact for email communications!

The MusicTeacherNotes Messaging System is a powerful way to message music students and their parents. In just a few clicks, you can send a message to any or all of your students. You can send a message immediately or schedule the message for a future date and time. You can even schedule multiple messages to go out a different times, and it's all included with a Premium Membership.

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Availability Calendar

Help potential students know when you are available to teach music lessons, so they can pick the best time that works for them. Your Availability Calendar syncs with your hours of availability and your lesson schedule. Potential students can effortlessly find a time they want without spending time on the phone with you to research lesson times. When they find a time they want, they can request lessons online, and you'll get notified that you have a potential student requesting lessons from you!

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View Journals, Manage Repertoire Songs, and Stay Organized!

Staying organized makes you a more effective music teacher, and MusicTeacherNotes keep you organized. You can manage and quickly see the repertoire songs for every student you teach. You can add assignments to lessons and assess students' skills from their previous lesson. Students can see their assigned skills and repertoire songs in their family accounts. Then, they can create structured practice plans by selecting skills from their music lessons and repertoire. This feature helps ensure that students practice their repertoire songs enough.

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