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Works for online and in-person private music lessons!

Helps music teachers manage online and in-person music lessons, helps parents aid their children with music lessons, and helps students learn music faster!

Helps music teachers manage online and in-person music lessons, helps parents aid their children with music lessons, and helps students learn music faster!

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Works for online and in-person private music lessons!


  • Get your students to practice more
  • Helps students practice more effectively
  • Know what students are practicing
  • Prevent forgotten lessons
  • Help students learn music faster.
  • Reduce your workload while increasing your number of students


  • Help your kids practice music
  • Avoid arguments when trying to get your kids to practice
  • Motivate your kids to want to practice
  • Watch your children become better musicians, faster
  • Give your children a lifelong skill that they'll love


  • Learn music faster
  • Turn practice into a fun activity
  • Get more out of each day of practice
  • Track your progress

Interactive Scheduling Calendar

For Music Teachers

Music teacher scheduling calendar software

Music Teacher

Music teachers can view their entire monthly schedule on one screen, know how many students they have each day, and quickly schedule new lessons or add new students.

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Music teacher calendar softwae daily lessons

Daily Lesson

Music teachers can instantly see their entire day and know exactly what each student is doing. This means teachers are more prepared for each lesson, and they can manage a large number of students with ease.

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Practice Planner

For Parents & Students

One of the biggest complaints that parents have with music lessons is that it is so challenging to motivate their children to practice. This frustration is one of the main reasons that parents and students abandon music lessons early. MTN wanted to develop an effective solution to reduce or eliminate the problems associated with getting students to practice.

MTN's Practice Planner permits older students or parents of students to set goals for the skills they need to practice. The Practice Planner allows a parent or an older student to create practice goals from previous lessons, repertoire songs, and even custom skills. The student simply works through the practice plan and logs their practice. In just a few minutes, a very detailed practice plan can be created that even very young students can follow, and music teachers can view the results of the practice log, incentivizing students to practice more.

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Student practice planning software for music lessons

Video Play-Along

For Parents & Students

Music teacher software video features for students

Record the teacher
demonstrating how to play songs to practice

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million! Teachers can either video themselves playing a piece or a skill, or they can let their students video them. Teachers, parents, or students can then upload the video to MusicTeacherNotes.com.

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Video features for music students

Students can play along
at home at any tempo!

Students can literally play along with the video. They can slow down the tempo of the recording (without affecting pitch), split the recording in a specific segment, set it to auto-repeat, and even add a timer to the beginning. This allows students to quickly master their practice because they understand exactly what it is supposed to sound like or look like.

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Achievement Rewards

For Students

Motivational rewards for students to practice music

Younger students can earn online awards when they meet their practice goals. Practice goals can be suggested by teachers and set by parents. When a student meets the goal, they get rewarded. MusicTeacherNotes helps make practicing music like a game, which helps younger students want to practice.

Older students earn rewards, as well. They see their practice ranking listed on their dashboard, which greatly helps to incentivize older students to practice more.

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Works on any device!

Because MusicTeacherNotes.com is web-based, it can be used and synced on any device. There are no cumbersome apps to download, no issues with it not working on phones or tablets. It just works! All that is needed is an internet connection.

Music teacher software devices supported

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MusicTeacherNotes helps music teachers manage their students and helps students learn music faster. By empowering parents and students to get much more out of private music lessons, learning music becomes a better experience for everyone.