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Music Teacher Directory

We are building the most accurate, free, individual music teacher directory online. Our goal is for everyone who teaches music to have a way of being discovered. Think of it as your personal online music teaching résumé that can help you find more students.

View Directory to Find a Music Teacher

View Directory to Find a Online Music Teacher

NOTE: The directory is for individual, private music teachers. Listings should be for the music teachers themselves, not the studios they work for. Studios that employ multiple music teachers should have each teacher list separately. For example, if a studio employs ten music teachers, all ten teachers should add their directory listings. Teachers can add studios they work for, to their listings. Studio-only listings will not be approved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the Music Teacher Directory? We answer them here.

The MusicTeacherNotes directory is unique in that it is teacher-based, not studio-based. Individual teachers possess their own listing. Our vision is an up-to-date music teacher directory where every music teacher can showcase who they are, where they teach, and what they teach so students can easily connect with them.
This is a new music teacher directory. We are gathering listings, and we expect to release it soon. To add yourself to the music teacher directory, click the button below.
Yes. Your directory listing is yours. However, if you work for one or more music studios, you can add them to your listing. Your listing will remain valid, even if you move away or change who you work for. You simply change the studios as your career changes.

Studios that employ multiple private music teachers will benefit tremendously because each teacher is a chance to show up in the search results. In other words, a studio with ten teachers can show up ten times in the search results.
Yes. You will have complete control over your listing. You can hide or remove any information that you don't want to be made public. You can edit your listing for free at any time.
Your initial directory listing is valid for sixty days. You will receive an email to validate that you are still teaching music every sixty days if you haven't updated your listing. When you click that email, your listing gets updated for another 60 days. This allows us to eliminate teachers who no longer provide music lessons.
Yes. If you decide you don't wish to have your directory anymore, you can simply unpublish it.
Yes. There is no charge to create a listing. It's completely free.