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Do you struggle to manage and provide online music lessons? Is it challenging to organize and get people on Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangouts? Is it somewhat tricky to assign students tasks for each lesson or to share resources?

Do you struggle to manage and provide online music lessons? Is it challenging to organize and get people on Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangouts? Is it somewhat tricky to assign students tasks for each lesson or to share resources?

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MusicTeacherNotes helps you manage your music teaching profession while empowering parents to assist their children with their music lessons.

Helps music teachers manage students, helps parents aid their children with music lessons, and helps students learn music faster.

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for Music Teachers

  Manage online music lessons with less headaches

MusicTeacherNotes is a music lesson management system for in-person, traditional music lessons and online music lessons, too! Online music lessons have become a necessity due to world events. MusicTeacherNotes helps you manage your online music lessons, so you can easily share live conference call links to Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, and more. Also, share notes and resources for each lesson, so students are ready when the lesson begins. Online music lessons are a lot more efficient when you use MusicTeacherNotes to organize them.

  Grow your student clientele

A well-managed music lesson business is one that grows. Well-managed music schools enjoy word-of-mouth advertising and students who take music lessons for a long time -- not giving up on lessons too early. As you browse this website, you will discover many ways that MusicTeacherNotes can help you and your students grow more successful. The natural result is that you can significantly grow your student clientele.

  Increase the odds of your students becoming longterm students

It's far more profitable to have longterm students than it is to have a continuous influx of new students who replace ones who leave. Replacing student means you lose revenue while the vacancy is unfilled, and you might need to spend money to acquire a new student.

Each student who gives up on music lessons too early is a tragedy. Not only is it costly for you, but it's also the end of someone giving up on one of the most learning experiences for humans.

We help reduce student attrition in a variety of ways. There are critical times during a student's music lesson journey that are prone to them giving up. Parents might become overwhelmed with the music lesson schedule. Students might become involved in extracurricular activities. Even vacations can take families out of their routine, causing them to "forget" to reschedule lessons. We significantly decrease the risk of student attrition by helping families remain engaged in their music lessons during those critical times, and by helping you efficiently manage your music lesson career.

  Optimize your schedule with less downtime and more revenue

A flexible schedule is one of the perks of being a music teacher. However, it can be a curse if you have long gaps between lessons that you would like to have filled. MusicTeacherNotes has innovative ways to help you optimize your teaching schedule, leading to more efficient use of your time. Less unwanted downtime means more revenue for you.

  Avoid the issue of forgotten lessons

One of the most frustrating parts of a music teacher's career is the issue of forgotten lessons or last-minute cancellations. It costs you money, and it prevents other students from filling that canceled timeslot.

MusicTeacherNotes helps decrease this issue because parents and students receive confirmation messages on their accounts just before upcoming lessons. If they need to cancel they can give you adequate notice, and if they intend to show they can confirm the lesson. By confirming the lesson, it helps remind parents and students that the lesson is coming up. It also helps prompt them that they need to squeeze in some more practice, so they come to the lesson prepared.

The notification feature is available on all student accounts who have connected to your teacher account. Families do not need to pay for the service to see the lesson calendar and receive notifications. Free basic family accounts have the calendar and notification features available to them, just like upgraded family accounts do.

  Help students learn music faster

There are a variety of ways we help students learn faster, but it can be summed up as follows:

  • Getting students to practice more.
  • Getting students to practice more productively.

The faster your students master the music skills you teach the more likely they are to become long-term students. It’s the students who feel they aren’t getting enough out of music lessons who quit. Our mindset is that if students learn faster they are more likely to remain engaged in music lessons, stick with lessons for the long term, and become the next generation of great musicians.

MusicTeacherNotes consists of a suite of tools and features that accelerate the learning process for students taking music lessons. Through the innovative use of video, practice plans, rewards, and better use of time for you and your students, students can achieve much better results in far less time.

Please browse around the site to discover some of the features and ways we help students learn faster and become more productive with their lessons. You'll discover innovative ways we use video, incentives, practice plans, and more.

  Get students to practice more

As a teacher, you may only see a student for roughly 30 minutes each week. You have limited control as to how much practice a student gets each week. You can tell them to practice more, but it’s primarily up to students and parents to ensure they get enough practice. We help families overcome the barriers to music practice, so you don't need to.

One of our features on family accounts is called the Practice Plan Creator. The Practice Plan Creator allows parents or students to generate a structured practice plan based on assignments from each lesson and repertoire songs they are expected to master. This feature allows students to log their practice and earn rewards, like Music Bucks, for meeting certain practice goals. Our idea was that it should be parents who create the practice plan, not the teachers. Teachers do not need more work, and parents know their child’s schedule. Teachers and parents may enter the assignments following a less. Then, parents generate a structure practice plan from those assignments.

Our video features also influence more practice. For example, a student can video their teacher demonstrating how to play a song and then upload it to their MusicTeacherNotes account. Once uploaded, they can create clips from the video so they can focus on specific parts of the song. MusicTeacherNotes also allows them to loop and control the tempo of the clips so they can play along at a comfortable speed, over and over.

  Help parents and students remember payments and loaned items

Many teachers loan music books or other items to students, only to have them disappear for good. Families have busy lives, so it's understandable that things get forgotten. However, it's a significant frustration for music teachers. Whatever the forgotten item is, whether it's a forgotten payment or a loan item, we provide a simple way to help students remember them.

  Never forget what students worked on in previous lessons

You can quickly prepare for upcoming lessons by looking at your students’ online music journals from previous lessons. You don’t need to wait until their lesson begins to comb through handwritten journals, hunting for the previous lesson's assignments. A music lesson is typically quite short, so 5 minutes lost trying to figure out what the student did is about 15 percent of their lesson. Because all of your student's journals are in one place, you can quickly prepare for every lesson with just a short review on your phone, computer, or tablet.

How can this be free for Music Teachers?

When we began thinking about MusicTeacherNotes we knew we needed to interview music teachers — a lot of music teachers. Our interviews uncovered many pain-points that music teachers experienced, and once we discovered them, we were able to focus on building real solutions to address each issue. Our goals were extensive: to build something that allowed music teachers to grow their businesses and manage their students more effectively while also assisting parents with their children's practice, and helping students to learn music faster.

One of our fundamental discoveries was that music teachers did not want more complexity in their lives, and they certainly didn't want another thing they needed to pay for. We also came to realize that many teachers worked for multiple music studios or worked for themselves, and many changed jobs often. The service needed to be flexible, scalable, and free for music teachers.

Our approach was simple. Make it free for teachers, and provide a free version for families. Then, offer optional upgraded plans for families, so those families who desired more features would have the opportunity to upgrade to our Bronze, Silver, or Gold plans, as they deemed fit.

There are significant benefits to this revenue model. Teachers can focus on scaling their music lesson business without worrying about any extra overhead from their MusicTeacherNotes account. They can work for multiple studios and control their entire schedule from a single place. Moreover, because families manage their own accounts, teachers don't have extra work associated with maintaining the system. We can offer low pricing for students without the need to charge teachers.

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Common Questions you Probably Have

MusicTeacherNotes helps you manage your music teaching profession while empowering parents to assist their children with their music lessons. That mission meant we had two types of members who would benefit from the site: teachers and families. We wanted to design the fairest and most beneficial pricing plan, so that the highest number of people would benefit. MusicTeacherNotes helps the teacher manage their studio or business, but it is also full of tools that benefit parents and students with music lessons. With that, we determined that a family-paid system that was no cost to teachers made sense for multiple reasons.

We wanted to avoid a conflict-of-interest. Each student in the system adds cost because of SMS (text message) delivery, email delivery, and tech support, which we handle. If we were to charge per teacher, then we'd lose money if we helped teachers acquire more students. Not good.

The MusicTeacherNotes fee-structure is crucial to teacher-success because it incentivizes us to help teachers grow their student list. We want help teachers to obtain more students and be successful so they can spread their love-of-music to those who wanted to learn.

Because parents/students own their accounts, teachers do not get burdened with extra work maintaining a student list. The teachers provide a pamphlet to their students (printable from their MusicTeacherNotes account). The pamphlet explains how students are to join and connect. It also provides an explanation of the service to them, and it gives them our tech support information, so our staff can answer their questions and concerns.

The parent/student-paid fee structure enables a much better service. We readily admit that having each student pay for the service generates more revenue than having a teacher pay. However, this is extremely important to the overall service. To be strong enough to be a life-long service for music teachers and students requires revenue. The student-paid fee structure is what makes it all possible.

The student-paid fee structure is what allows students to keep their account if they move or switch teachers. No situation is permanent. Teachers change jobs, and people move. Change happens.

Student shouldn't lose their music lesson history when their situation changes. Having the students own their account prevents that. Students can connect their MusicTeacherNotes account to another teacher with ease, even if their new teacher doesn't currently use MusicTeacherNotes. If a student decides not to take music lessons, they simply deactivate it, which stops charges from occuring. They can reactivate it if/when they choose to continue taking music lessons again.

It doesn’t matter if you have five students or 100 hundred students. The parent/student-paid pricing structure makes MusicTeacherNotes entirely scalable for music teachers. Students maintain their own profiles with no extra effort on the part of the teacher.

We can provide MusicTeacherNotes to students at a remarkably low cost because each student is required to be on a paid plan. This arrangement allows us to charge each student as little as $2.49 per month. It's a very small add-on to the overall cost of taking music lessons, yet it adds so much to the music-lesson-experience, for everyone.

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We provide music teachers with business cards. These cards feature a place to include your "studio code" that is used to connect your students to your account.

MusicTeacherNotes Business Cards with Studio Codes

When a student joins using your studio code you can interact with them on MusicTeacherNotes website and utilize the features that will help you and your students with music lessons.

When parents or students join, they will be guided through the benefits and learn what to do very quickly. It is virtually automatic for music teachers. Simply write your studio code on your business cards and hand them to your students. It's that easy.

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As a music teacher, you can enter all students on your account, even those who have not paid. You will be able to see and manage their schedules on your end. When the student initially joins MusicTeacherNotes they will be given a free trial. The key benefits that music students and parents will enjoy will only be available to paid accounts and new accounts that haven't passed the free trial deadline. After the free trial, a student's account will revert to a basic, free account. As a teacher, you will still be able to enter their lesson details online, even if they have a basic, free account. But the student will have restricted privileges on their end if they are not upgraded to one of the paid plans.

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The most common problem parents face with their children taking music lessons is getting their students to practice adequately. Most young students drastically under practice, which sets the stage for early frustration with music lessons and significantly increases the chances that students will give up on lessons entirely.

Our primary intention is to help get more practice and more productive practice out of students, so they become better, enjoy music more, and become long term students. We do this by empowering parents to assist their children with music lessons. There are many features that families have available to them to help them improve practice, but one such feature is a reward system called Music Bucks. Kids earn Music Bucks when they log their practice. Parents create a list of "rewards" that their children can purchase with their Music Bucks, so as the children log their practice they get closer to each reward. Parents can record practice on behalf of their kids, or kids can log it themselves if they wish. The Music Bucks feature is one of many ways we empower parents to assist kids with practice, but we hope you can see how getting parents involved greatly increases the likelihood that kids will practice more and remain students for a long time.

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MusicTeacherNotes is independent. In other words, it works seamlessly, even if the studio you work for uses another software system to manage the music studio. Because MusicTeacherNotes is a student-owned service, students don’t lose anything when transitioning to different schools or teachers. It’s their account.

Here’s an example of how that may work in practice: Assume you have a student named John who you teach guitar, at a studio called ABC Music. Assume you also have a student named Laura, who you teach piano to at her house on your own. Laura is not affiliated with ABC Music. You can use MusicTeacherNotes to manage both students. You can opt to let ABC Music see your ABC Music students, but not see those who you teach independently.

Additionally, let's assume that ABC Music suddenly goes out of business, and John still wants you to teach him the guitar. You merely change one setting in your account and John is linked the same way Laura is. You still have John’s history, as if nothing ever changed.

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Many music teachers prefer to enter lesson assignments into a student's physical journal; you may be reluctant to enter assignments into a computer journal. We thought long and hard about this issue, and we developed solutions that ensure every assignment gets added to a student's online MusicTeacherNotes journal -- an essential task because the Practice Plan Creator uses the journal entries.

We focused on two things:

  1. We made sure adding assignments to MusicTeacherNotes was easy.
  2. We made it so your students or their parents could add the assignments if you prefer not to.

In order to benefit from many of the best features that MusicTeacherNotes offers, assignments do need to be added after each lesson. But our goal was to make less work for teachers, not more. So, for teachers who choose to enter assignments directly into the MusicTeacherNotes account, the process is simply a matter typing the assignment information for songs or practice assignments into a couple of fields on the MusicTeacherNotes website. It only takes a minute or two.

However, do not need to do this. You can ask the parents to do it because the link for a parent is right on their Practice Plan Creator. They can simply transpose the assignments from the written journal that you filled out into their online version of the journal on MusicTeacherNotes. Then they can generate the practice plan using the assignments, and you will be able to see their journal entry just as if you'd written it yourself!

If you prefer this method then we recommend that you explain to your students and their parents that they will need to add the assignments from their paper journals to their MusicTeacherNotes account.

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Our primary mission is to empower parents so they can better assist their children with music lessons and music lesson practice. That goal helps to reduce the odds of students prematurely giving up on music lessons; more students become longterm students. However, kids grow up, and there will come a time when they won’t need the rewards like Music Bucks to motivate them. They may still take lessons, but they'll be motivated to practice for other reasons.

For this reason, we created other family plans that older students will find beneficial. These are the Bronze Plan and the free basic service. The Bronze Plan is the cheapest paid plan and includes video features that even older students will find useful. The basic free service still keeps the student connected to your teacher account for scheduling purposes, but it does not include any of the upgraded features that paid plans include.

No matter who the student is we have a plan for them so that there is no reason for them not to join and connect to your account.

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MusicTeacherNotes helps music teachers manage their students and helps students learn music faster. By empowering parents and students to get much more out of private music lessons, learning music becomes a better experience for everyone.