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How can MusicTeacherNotes music studio managagement software help music teachers get more students?

MusicTeacherNotes is music studio management software that helps private music teachers get new students. Every MusicTeacherNotes member enjoys a free Music Teacher Directory listing. MusicTeacherNotes also facilitates lesson requests from potential new students. Lastly, MusicTeacherNotes helps music teachers improve their search engine rankings to attract more students via Google. Getting new students to take music lessons is an ongoing task. MusicTeacherNotes helps private music teachers acquire new students effortlessly.

What are the benefits of MusicTeacherNotes' Music Teacher Directory listing?

One of the key ways for music teachers to attract new students is by ranking high on Google and other search engines. The more you "show up" in Google and other search engines, the better your odds of attracting new students. This is the case whether or not you already have a website. If you have a website, you can link your directory listing from MusicTeacherNotes to your website, helping you get more students from your website and your directory listing.

A MusicTeacherNotes Directory listing is optimized to rank in Google for strategic keywords used by potential students looking for a music teacher in your area.

How can a MusicTeachertNotes' Music Teacher Directory listing help me get students?

Below is an example of what a a MusicTeacherNotes directory listing looks like. This is a fictional listing, but it shows you why it helps you get students.

 Music Teacher Directory
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Customer testimonials are critical to a private music teacher's business. The testimonials you receive help you get more leads from Google Local Search because testimonials go directly to your GMB (Google my Business) account. You then have the option to use the testimonial on your business's website. Asking your students to provide a testimonial can be a little awkward, and often students will forget to do it. MusicTeacherNotes automates this task so it isn't awkward, and automating it helps you get many more testimonials than you would otherwise.

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A teacher's Availability Calendar is a public calendar that shows when a teacher is available to teach music lessons. It is designed to rank in Google and other search engines for keywords that potential new students looking for your services might search for. The Availability Calendar uses the hours you set as available to teach and subtracts the times you already have lessons scheduled. Potential students see your remaining "available" lesson times.

Your Availability Calendar works like an automatic, full-time, new-student-finding tool. A new potential student can view your availability, select a time they prefer, and request a lesson from you. You will receive this lesson request from the potential new student, and you can contact the new student to confirm their first lesson. The lesson request from a potential new student eliminates the possibility of missing a phone call from the new student.

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One valuable benefit of having a Premium teacher's account is our annual SEO report. The report aims to make sure your business's website ranks high on local area Google searches and other search engines. By ensuring your website ranks high, you can expect to attract the attention of prospective music students. The website SEO analysis would cost you hundreds of dollars if provided by a third party; with the Premium package, we include it for free.

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MusicTeacherNotes helps music teachers manage their students and helps students learn music faster. By empowering parents and students to get much more out of private music lessons, learning music becomes a better experience for everyone.