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How does MusicTeacherNotes motivate students to practice their musical instrument more?

One of the most common reasons students quit music lessons is that they don't feel they are getting significant value. The best way to solve this is to ensure students make good progress and become skilled musicians. Doing so motivates them to become better. But there is an additional approach needed to motivate many younger students. Younger students are less likely to be intrinsically motivated and are more motivated by things like games and rewards. MusicTeacherNotes has cutting-edge features that make learning an instrument fun and rewarding for students taking music lessons at any age.

It's difficult for students to practice music productively if they don't have a plan. Without a practice plan, students tend to under-practice. By not practicing enough, students won't develop their musical skills as quickly, putting them at risk of quitting music lessons altogether.

MusicTeacherNotes offers students a practice plan generator that gets students to practice more. The practice plans hold students accountable, helping them become better musicians who are more likely to remain long-term students.

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Logging practice is how students can measure what and how much they practice. After creating a practice plan, students can log their practice, and teachers can see the practice logs.

What gets measured gets improved!

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Many parents get frustrated when their children don't practice music. If practicing music becomes a battle between parents and their kids, there is a risk that they may abandon music lessons altogether.

Younger kids usually need extrinsic motivation to practice music. Music Bucks motivates children because Music Bucks are like real money to them. Kids earn Music Bucks when they complete assigned music lessons and practice sessions. The kids can then redeem their acquired Music Bucks for prizes and privileges that the parent and child have established. For example, let's say a child enjoys playing video games. The parent and the child could agree that a set amount of Music Bucks could be exchanged for a set amount of time playing video games.

Music Bucks are a solid motivational tool in helping kids stay engaged in their music lessons, making it fun for kids and easier for parents.

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If kids aren't having fun with music lessons, the odds of quitting music is much higher. Gamification is a proven way to aid in motivation and help kids enjoy challenging tasks. In addition to Music Bucks, MusicTeacherNotes offers child accounts that gamify their practice and allow them to win bonus Music Bucks. The bonus Music Bucks that kids can earn from these games are a proven way to keep kids motivated and engaged.

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Sometimes simply getting a little recognition for hard work is enough to motivate people to continue working hard. Achievement Awards are one of the MusicTeacherNotes tools to increase motivation and enthusiasm for music students. Achievement Awards are presented automatically upon completing a student's practice plan. Students will receive the Achievement awards without any effort by the teacher or parent.

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Practice stats increase accountability, which is a motivating factor. Teachers, parents, and students can instantly view stats showing logged practice, which encourages more continued practice.

Additionally, seeing a student's accumulated practice over the years is highly motivational, adding a much-earned sense of accomplishment. The feeling of accomplishment and increased motivation will keep students engaged with their music lessons for years to come.

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MusicTeacherNotes helps music teachers manage their students and helps students learn music faster. By empowering parents and students to get much more out of private music lessons, learning music becomes a better experience for everyone.