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Can I log practice for my child?

The Practice Plan Creator allows parents of music students to quickly create a structured practice plan for their child to follow. Not every child will remember to log their practice, so a parent can log practice, or quickly check it as complete, on behalf of their child. Children are motivated to log practice because logging practice earns Music Bucks, Perfect Practice Awards, and Practice Stickers. Each of these motivational features helps encourage kids to practice their musical instruments. Many parents wonder if they need to force a child to play an instrument. MusicTeacherNotes prevents that from being necessary by using positive reinforcement.

To log practice, go to the Monthly Calendar. Click the applicable day on the calendar. These will be one of the orange or green shaded days, which are days when there are practice plan goals to log.

Monthly music practice calendar

Parents can click the button that says, “Quickly Check-Off Practice.” Then check the practice items you wish to mark complete. Doing this will log the amount of time necessary to complete the goal for the day. For example, if you have a goal set for 5 minutes and you check it complete, it will log precisely 5 minutes.

Quickly log music practice for a young music student

The alternative way of logging practice is to log the actual amount of practice time. To do it this way, click where it shows, “Open Practice Log,” then click “Log a Practice Session.” You will be able to enter the number of minutes or number of times your child practiced a goal. The benefit of logging practice in this manner is that your child can earn extra Music Bucks and stickers for extra practice.

When the practice is logged for that day, all of the icons will indicate they are complete.

When practice is complete, the lesson log shows it

The monthly view will show the competed day in green. When all of the days are green, the entire practice plan is complete, and the student earns a Perfect Practice Award!

When practice is complete, the monthly practice calendar shows green
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