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What are Music Bucks?

If you struggle to motivate your child to practice their musical instrument, there's hope. Music Bucks will motivate your child to practice music a lot!

Music Bucks are a type of "money" that kids earn for practicing music.

Music bucks money for practice

As kids log practice, they earn Music Bucks, which accrue in their child account until they are ready to spend them. Kids can spend Music Bucks on "rewards," which parents set up.

Music bucks motivate practice

Parents create rewards that they believe might motivate their children to practice, and they assign a Music Buck value to each reward. A reward can be anything from a trip to the ice cream parlor to a new toy.

Music bucks rewards

Parents often struggle with how to motivate kids to practice hard things, such as piano or a musical instrument they are taking — many times, trying to get a child to practice results in arguments and frustration for everyone. Music Bucks are one of the most effective ways to motivate your child to practice music.

Basically, it works like this:

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