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How can MusicTeacherNotes help music teachers get more students?

MusicTeacherNotes can help music teachers grow their number of students. However, the primary goal of MusicTeacherNotes is to help students who take private music lessons stick with lessons. Students will be more enthusiastic, engaged, and motivated, which typically causes them to continue their lessons for a long time. As you will discover, that mission naturally leads to teachers having more students, which reduces the amount of time a teacher has to spend finding new students. How do we do this?

Keeping students motivated

Music Bucks, online stickers, and achievement awards help to motivate younger students to practice their instruments. As kids grow older and develop a love for music, intrinsic motivation will be more than adequate. But younger children are rarely intrinsically motivated to practice. It’s a chore for most children. The motivational tools that MusicTeacherNotes provides young students help to make them want to practice until intrinsic motivation takes over later in life.

Music practice motivational tools

Helping students learn

Video can help students remember how to play something because they can play it back on demand. Students can videotape their teacher playing a song and upload it to their account. Then they can clip it and play along at a slower(or faster if they choose) tempo, over-and-over. We call this looping the video, which the student can also set a timer in between each repeated showing. They can get multiple repetitions in a short period. The result is that they get more efficient, faster, and the better they become, the less likely they are to give up later in life.

Using video for music lessons

Music teacher directory

Every teacher who joins is added to our free music teacher directory. The directory will be an effective way to acquire new students in your area, looking for a music teacher.  

Student Retention

If a student stops scheduling, we notify them to get them reengaged with their music lesson routine.

We benefit when teachers benefit, so we have every motivation to help music teachers attract more students.  

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