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Can a music teacher instruct remotely?

At MusicTeacherNotes.com, we have designed our music lesson software to help music teachers "remotely" instruct their music students via online music lessons. Many companies offer live video conferencing, which is critical for online music lessons. Zoom, Facetime, Skype, Google Hangouts, Viber, WeChat, Whatsapp, Wire, ooVoo, are among these companies. However, understanding them can be challenging. MusicTeacherNotes can make it much easier to help you connect any of those platforms with your music students.

MusicTeacherNotes allows teachers to enter the connection link and other resources within the online lesson calendar so the student can easily click to join the meeting.

Zoom link online music lesson

At the time of this writing, Zoom and Skype tend to be the most popular video services to connect to your online students, so those are the two we will recommend you try first. But you can use any of the ones you like.


Zoom is easy to set up, easy to connect teachers and students, and very user-friendly. 

The teacher and student will both need either a cell phone, laptop, iPad, or similar device to engage in the video call. After the initial set up and connection, the teacher and student can connect. Optionally, the video call sessions can be recorded for later use by the teacher and student. If a student forgets a segment of instruction, simply watch the video of the lesson again.

This video helps show how to set up Zoom for online music lessons.


Many people already use Skype because it's been around for such a long time. Skype is free. In our experience, the setup of Skype can be a little tricky. However, once you get past that, people seem to really like Skype.

Best to probably get used to two or three web conferencing software systems. If a student cannot connect on Zoom, you can quickly shift to Skype, or even Facetime if you both have iPhones.

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