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How can I use video to help my students learn better?

Video can make very complex skills easier to learn. For example, piano teachers can video themselves playing a song that students watch, see the fingering, and hear the proper rhythm. Guitar teachers can demonstrate complicated riffs or scales, which students can practice with video on a repeating loop at a slower speed.

MusicTeacherNotes does a lot more with video than just let students play it back. MusicTeacherNotes lets students speed up or slow down the playback tempo of a video so students can play along. And because the video is the teacher demonstrating proper rhythm, this video feature becomes something like a rhythm practice app.

Additionally, students can clip videos into small segments so they can practice key parts of a song over and over. The benefit is a lot of focused music practice in a short amount of time.

Clip videos of music teachers demonstrating songs

There are other benefits to using video. Music students might forget how to play songs from past lessons. If a student can go back and watch the video for a song, they can relearn the song again much quicker. Looking at archived video also helps students feel that they are getting more value out of music lessons because they retain an extensive repertoire of songs. Having a video library of what they’ve learned is an excellent tool to enhance learning.

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