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How can students learn music better with video?

There are so many great practice tips for music students, but some of the best involve using video. Video can enhance learning in several ways.

Imagine a student videotapes their music teacher demonstrating how to play a song the proper way. Each time the student listens to the video, they hear the correct rhythm and how the notes sound. They hear the staccatos, slurs, and rests in the song, and they see how hands and fingers move on the instrument. All of these factors accelerate the learning process, but MusicTeacherNotes takes it a lot further.

How video can improve learning music

When the teacher plays a song, it's likely going to be at a tempo faster than the student can initially handle. However, slow practicing music is a better way to approach a new song. MusicTeacherNotes has a tempo control slider that allows students to slow the tempo (speed) of a recording while maintaining the pitch of the song. The pitch of the audio in the video will not lower while the tempo is slowed. Students can literally play along at a tempo they can handle.

MusicTeacherNotes also provides an innovative clipping feature that allows students to cut or "clip" the original video so that they can focus on specific parts of a song. For example, students can clip out a small piece of a long song their music teacher recorded that gives them trouble, play the clip back at a suitable tempo, and set it to repeat. The benefit is that students can master the hardest parts of any song, very quickly, using forced repetition.

Repetition is an extremely powerful learning technique. A good private music teacher, combined with the practice tools that MusicTeacherNotes offers, leads to music mastery much faster!

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