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What is online video calling?

Music teachers who want to begin teaching online music lessons need to connect with students via live video conferencing. Online video calling software allows a music teacher to interact with students in real-time via the internet. Several web-based online video call services can be used to conduct online music lessons. Options for online music lessons include:

We recommend Zoom Video because it is so easy to use.

While there is some software to download, the process is straightforward. There is a learning curve to figure out which buttons control certain actions, but it isn't overly complicated. You can set up a meeting (or online music lesson) in advance and save the link to the MusicTeacherNotes lesson for a student. Then, you and the student simply click the link when the music lesson is about to begin.

Zoom Video allows you to record a lesson, as well. Students who record the lesson can review it later. 

Skype is another great option for online music lessons. You can use Skype for free, and many people already have experience with it. The best approach is to be adept at using more than one type of video calling software for music lessons, just in case you need a fallback. Relying on one video calling software service can put you in a bind if something changes or goes wrong.

How can MusicTeacherNotes help with online music lessons?

MusicTeacherNotes makes it much easier to organize music lessons, whether online or in-person. MusicTeacherNotes music lesson software allows teachers to preplan a lesson. For example, instead of emailing a Zoom meeting link, teachers can enter the link in the music lesson page on MusicTeacherNotes. You and the student, click the link when the lesson begins, and then you are both connected. No emailing required.

Additionally, MusicTeacherNotes allows teachers to add resources, like PDFs, documents, links, or pre-recorded videos. Students can access those resources during their lessons or even review them before a lesson begins. 

Zoom link online music lesson

Music teachers can add music assignments to the student's online lesson journal, so students know what to practice for their next lesson. Students can turn the online assignments into a structured practice plan via a feature on their account called the Practice Plan Creator. There are even motivational tools available to help younger students want to practice.

The Coronavirus Outbreak

The Coronavirus outbreak has made it difficult for music teachers to teach students in-person. Eventually, the crisis will end, and things will return to normal. However, even in normal times, online music lessons should become a part of a music teacher's business. Online music lessons open you up to students all over the world. Additionally, online lessons can be a lot more convenient for students with busy schedules. Online lessons also allow you to teach students even when they are typically not available, such as on vacation. Even if you teach piano or another large musical instrument, you can still provide a lesson from time-to-time without the instrument available. For example, if a student is on vacation, you could use that time to teach music theory via an online music lesson. Video music lessons conducted this way, allow for greater flexibility for the music teacher and their student's.

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