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How come MusicTeacherNotes is free for music teachers?

We admit it. It's confusing. Let us explain.

When we created MuiscTeacherNotes, our goal was to solve a problem. Parents struggled to stay engaged with their kids' music lessons. The consequences were that children did not practice thoroughly. This would lead to parents feeling they were wasting money. And that would ultimately lead to students quittiing music lessons.

We knew we needed tools that motivated students to practice more and help them understand what to practice. That meant that parents and students had to be a team. It couldn't just be teachers and students. It had to be teachers and "families." Improving the parental role in the music lesson experience was critical. From hundreds of interviews and interactions with music teachers and parents, we discovered that parents wanted to be involved, but they often feel "out-of-the-loop."

Parents and students needed a family account, and teachers needed a teacher account.

Teachers required music school management tools and music lesson scheduling software. Parents needed tools to help them assist their children. And students (especially younger students) needed motivational tools and tools that helped them get more out of each music lesson.

The reason we don't charge teachers is that the significant benefits are for the parents who struggle with kids involved in music lessons. Additionally, we don't want to charge teachers because it doesn't align us with a teacher's goals. Because we charge the student (which is optional), we grow when teachers grow. We are aligned. It's in our best interest to help teachers get more students.

So yes, there are many ways that MusicTeacherNotes helps music teachers manage their schedules and their student load, but MusicTeacherNotes is primarily for families. That's why MusicTeacherNotes is free and open source for music teachers.

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