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How do I add a family member?

A family account is actually a group of several individual accounts. Each member of a family has an account, and they get grouped together.

Imagine a family-of-four, with two parents and two kids. Assume mom and dad do not take music lessons, but both kids do. In this example, all four family members would have a MusicTeacherNotes account. Parents can manage their kids' accounts, and kids have their own accounts, as well.

Music school management family accounts

In that example, one of the parents would register for a MusicTeacherNotes account first, then add the other family members. Parents can easily add family members as needed. For example, assume the family-of-four becomes a family-of-five, and that new young child begins taking piano lessons. The parents add the new child to MusicTeacherNotes via the dashboard.

Adding a new family member to a family account

The following steps show how to add a family member:

Parent accounts have certain privileges that child accounts don't have. One of those privileges is being able to add other family members.

Add all members of your family who are involved with music lessons as either parents or students.

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