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How do I schedule lessons for my students?

MusicTeacherNotes provides music teacher scheduling software that helps teachers and students manage music lessons. Before you can schedule a student, you must first add that student to the studio you teach them at. The FAQ, "How do I add a student," explains how to add students and assign them to a studio.

Once you’ve added students to your music studio, you can schedule their lessons, so they display on your lesson calendar. You can schedule students even if they’re not connected to your account. However, only connected students will be able to interact with you and manage music lessons within their family’s MusicTeacherNotes account.

To schedule a lesson

How to schedule a music lesson on MusicTeacherNotes

Scheduling weekly repeating music lessons

Scheduling weekly repeating music lessons on MusicTeacherNotes

Repeating lessons repeat each week. When you select repeating lessons, the lesson will display from the start date and repeat on the same day of the week, indefinitely. There isn't an option to repeat in intervals other than weekly, so if your student isn't taking lessons on the same day each week, then you should not choose this option. Choose one-at-a-time lessons instead.

Scheduling one-time, non-repeating music lessons

Scheduling weekly one-time music lessons on MusicTeacherNotes

If a lesson doesn't repeat each week, it should be created as a one-at-a-time lesson. You can schedule one-at-a-time lessons using any frequency you wish. One-at-a-time lessons will not repeat, so if you need to schedule more than one, you will need to go through the process again for each future lesson date.

Scheduling connected students

For a teacher account, there is no difference between scheduling a connected student or an unconnected student. However, if a student is connected, it helps increase the likelihood of them remembering a lesson. It also helps them practice since assignments given during a lesson can be added to their electronic music journal, which they can use to create a structured practice plan. When you schedule a lesson for a connected student, they will be notified and asked to acknowledge the lesson on their family account. They will see an option to, "Accept a lesson schedule from my music teacher." They see the lesson on their calendar, along with other information, such as reminders that pertain to that lesson. It would be best if you emphasized to all of your students the importance of connecting their family account to your teacher account. They can connect, even if they choose to use a free membership. Connecting is how you can collaborate with your students via the MusicTeacherNotes website.

Scheduling unconnected students

Scheduling unconnected students is just like scheduling connected students. On your end, you will see them scheduled on your calendar. You can add assignments to them and do everything just as you would if they were connected. However, they won't see these things until they connect. We recommend you schedule all students using the website, even unconnected students. However, we strongly recommend you aim to get every student to connect so they can collaborate and communicate more efficiently with you. When students connect, MusicTeacherNotes is one of the best music lesson studio management software systems available for private music teachers.


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