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What does the music calendar show me?

Within a parent or student account, the calendar primarily shows three things:

  1. Lesson schedule information. (Must be connected to a music teacher account.)
  2. Assigned skills to practice after a lesson. (Must be connected to a music teacher account.)
  3. Practice plan information. (Displays if a practice plan has been created for a student.)

Lesson schedule information

MusicTeacherNotes includes a music lesson scheduling app, which allows families to see and manage upcoming music lessons with their private music teacher. Lesson schedule information displays on the monthly calendar as a music note icon.

Music lesson icons for MusicTeacherNotes

The music note icon only shows on days when a lesson is scheduled. You can click on a lesson day to get more information about the lesson.

After clicking a lesson day, you may cancel the lesson if you need to by clicking the "Cancel" button. Canceling a lesson will notify your teacher via their teacher account. It would be best if you also informed them via phone to make sure they know you've canceled. Also, a few days before a lesson there will be a "Confirmation" button. This lets your music teacher know that you intend to show for the lesson, helping to reduce the chance of forgetting a scheduled music lesson.

Assigned skills to practice after a lesson:

Assigned skills to practice are displayed when you click on a lesson day. The assigned skills are your music journal entries for that specific day. It's easy to learn how to keep a practice journal on the MusicTeacherNotes website. You or your connected music teacher can add items to the music journal, and a practice plan can be created using those assigned skills.

Practice assignments in the electronic journal after music lessons.

Practice plan information:

One of the most beneficial features available with all upgraded plans is the Practice Plan Creator. This allows parents (or adult students) to create a detailed practice plan to follow so students can practice music much more efficiently. A practice plan reduces wasted time and frustration when students don't know what or how long to practice.

Once you create a practice plan, you can see it on your calendar. You will notice that practice plan days are shaded with either an orange or green background.

Music Practice Plan Days

An orange color indicates that all of the goals assigned for that day are not complete. A green background indicates that all of the goals assigned for that day have been completed. When all of the days in a practice plan are green, then you know the practice plan is complete.

Complete or incomplete goals in music practice plan

When you open a day that is part of an active practice plan, you will be able to see the practice plan goals and log your child's progress. Children also have their accounts with the same interface, and for young children, the practice plan will link to the Music Bucks feature.

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