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What are the best strategies to get a child to practice their music instrument?

A common challenge for parents of children who take music lessons is helping a child who refuses to practice their instrument. Many parents enroll their kids in piano lessons at a young age and quickly find themselves forcing their child to practice, which often leads to negative reinforcement and a dislike of music. One of the main objectives of MusicTeachernotes is to solve this problem.

Piano or music practice incentives can make practicing music fun. Music practice games can make a child actually want to practice their instrument.

Music bucks musiic practice

MusicTeacherNotes motivates young students to practice through rewards. Parents create rewards for their child, and the child earns Music Bucks by logging practice. Then they use their Music Bucks to purchase the rewards from their parents.

Music bucks rewards

Parents set up rewards on the Rewards Manager page. A reward can be anything that parents think will motivate their kids to practice their instruments. We recommend that the parent and the child do this together. Examples of rewards might be dinner at their favorite restaurant, a movie night, a video game, a toy, a playdate, or any other tangible item or privilege.

Using the Practice Plan Creator, parents turn music assignments given after a music lesson into a structured practice plan.

Music practice plan generator

Kids log the practice and earn Music Bucks.

Practice plan calendar for music

When a child has earned enough Music Bucks for one of their "negotiated" rewards, they can redeem their Music Bucks for their selected reward.

Music bucks music practice motivation

On the Rewards Manager page, parents can set the rewards, view balances, and enter transactions when a child redeems their Music Bucks for a reward. On the child's account, the rewards tab is where the child can view their Music Bucks balance, view their Music Bucks, and also see their stickers and other achievement awards.

One of our main goals at MusicTeacherNotes is to keep the child/student highly engaged, enthusiastic, and motivated. Through the use of Music Bucks, stickers, achievement awards, and other motivational games and incentives, we strive to achieve that goal.

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