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How can MusicTeacherNotes motivate children to practice music?

One of the biggest challenges for music teachers and parents is getting kids to practice their musical instruments. Whether it be piano, guitar, violin, or any other instrument, many kids don't like to put in practice time. MusicTeacherNotes helps to solve that issue by making music practice more like a game and less like a chore. The benefit is music goals, and objectives get accomplished, and parents don't have to threaten their kids with consequences if they don't practice.

Improving Music Lessons by Using Video

MusicTeacherNotes makes use of video to helps all students learn. Video is a supplement to music lessons. When a student can see and hear how a song or skill is played, it helps them learn faster. MusicTeacherNotes includes helpful video features, such as a tempo control and video clipper that are geared toward music lessons.

How video can improve learning music

Motivational Rewards for Young Children

Kids typically aren't intrinsically motivated to practice. In other words, most younger children typically don't want to learn just for the sake of learning. It's perfectly normal, and because of that fact, MusicTeacherNotes uses motivational tools and positive reinforcement to get kids to practice music.

Music Bucks

Kids earn Music Bucks as they log practice, and parents determine what kids can buy with their Music Bucks via their parent account. So, from a kid's perspective, Music Bucks are like real money! Who isn't motivated by money?

Practice Stickers

In addition to earning Music Bucks, kids also earn "Practice Stickers" by logging practice. There are 200 possible Practice Stickers that kids can collect, and every 30-minutes of logged practice earns an additional sticker. Practice Stickers are tied to Music Bucks because each Practice Sticker is a bit like a raffle ticket. Practice Stickers can win more Music Bucks via games within child accounts. For example, each month, we generate one of the 200 stickers to be deemed, "The Super Sticker!" If a child has the Super Sticker in her sticker collection, she earns 5 Music Bucks for each one. Essentially each hour of practice gives her another chance to win.

Achievement Awards

Lastly, there are achievement awards, such as the Perfect Practice Award. These are like virtual trophies and ribbons that the student receives for completing practice plans that were built via the Practice Plan Creator.

Motivating children to practice music

Children see all of these rewards within their child account, making practice an exciting time for a young music student. If Done right, music lessons can be one of the best investments a parent can make for a child. It can teach them how to learn, it can give them confidence, and it can provide them with a lifelong skill that they'll enjoy for a lifetime.

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