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Can a student connect to my account if I don't add them first?

Yes. If your student has your studio code, they can connect to you. Families can join, even if a teacher didn’t add them first. To do that, they simply add a family member and set the family member as a student.


Family can set member as a music student

They will be prompted to enter a music teacher's studio code at that point.

Enter studio code for music teacher

If they don't know the studio code they can add it later. If they do know the teacher's studio code then the connection will be pending until the teacher confirms them.

Pending music student to connect to teacher

When they attempt to connect to you, you will receive a notification on your dashboard to confirm the students are yours.

Confirm music student is taking lessons from music teacher

After you confirm them, they are added to your list of students, and you can schedule them.

List of students taking music lessons from teacher at studio

The preferred way to add students is for teachers to add them first, then ask the students to connect using one of the connect methods that MusicTeacherNotes provides. This allows the teacher to add the students to the Lesson Calendar and even add assignments for them while waiting for the students to join and connect. When the student connects, their family account will sync to the teacher's account.

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